Aha development

top-5 Massive landslide Caught on Camera

🌎Make sure to Like, Share and Subscribe🌎Most Shocking landslides ..Credits: i can't find the real owners of this clips if you see that i have used your video or somehow i used your work feel free to contact me i fix that or will give you a credit its up to youNote: This video doesn't contain danger activities or injures all people are on safe distance and no one is injured in this specific clips.

I’m Cadyn

Guru your voice makes me hard

Najax Osman 7D Hasle Skole

Omg i love it

That I won’t interact with family or friends on earth


They have a aimbot


I think they need birthday stereotypes

Gabriele Fabbrocini


xo ashley

Can somebody please tell me what the balloons, shopping cart, and the people in the white mean ?


Multiplayer is controlled by kids.

David Walz

I like tiy the most

Labidor Gamer

Probably Donald Trump Disliked

Trek Vogel



Happy easter

A rat

I’m the beginning I feel just how she feels and it makes me want to kill my self and let my body eat itself from the inside out I feel like shit

Raheem Campbell

I love this video

Jolly Banana Clan

nice vid mate



I am almost 11 and live in Indonesia. I am using my aunt's acc. Since I have an email but my dad wouldn't tell me the password. Oh well


Craig Foster

Good on you just keep fighting, fight till you can't fight anymore


I’m the NOOOOOOBBBBB but not in fortnite

Andot Mankhong

5:17 big lol

Bibi Banana

1 like=bad luck for jake


The hatch from lost is shown in MW3 and it's easy to find and see


Your Hero

probably my favorite movie mistake is in Saving Pvt Ryan, the whole camera crew can be seen xD

Iris Kat

I wish you luck on this crazy ride of life...it must be hard being a minor with no family....lots of love to out to you...you are very brave!

Camden Burke

My dad is the phone guy

Mia Zi

already 30 secs in i knew it's about j. k. rowling. does that make me a crazy fan or a crazy phsycic(lol idk how to spell that but u get the idea)?

The Three Kidz

great video

great granny

1:22sims has entered the chat

Oliver Pavlovic

3:19 laughing my head off LMAO


Hearing how Ethan talks about Hila in awe makes me so happy

LightningEnderCreeper LEC

I honestly think the golden boy is Tyler


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