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Trauma, Brain & Relationship: Helping Children Heal

Powerful documentary featuring Bryan Post, Bruce Perry, M.D., Daniel Siegel M.D., Marti Glenn PhD and other renowned experts in the field of childhood trauma, and attachment and bonding. This is a great way to share with friends, colleagues, and caregivers this new understanding of how trauma effects the development of the mind body system, and how it affects children's behaviors and social relationships. This is a popular training video with agencies for training and for group presentations. Copies can be purchased a www.postinstitute.com/dvds. Video originally produced by Santa Barbara Graduate Institute which has since been merged with a major university and no longer exists as a separate entity.

xLuiis S

The song at the beggining is Kanye West & Kid Cudi - 4th Dimension

Natalia Navarro

Alguien sabe quien es la modelo?


Wtf are those shits in the ocean


Max has those nipple rings

zack miller

that is crazy

Dr. Awkward

Jesus that's scary, I'm so glad she's ok

Why am i Like this


Mr Caesar

I think the movements should feel/look a little more natural, but in all honesty the combat seems promising. I would love it if the lightsaber hilt was customizable and by that i mean, allowing you to switch between single blades to double-bladed sabers (during or out of combat which leads to epic combos/causing the ai to react more defensivly or aggressivly) that way combat would be really mixed up - you could even utilize in-game files such as those electric pikes/staffs since they're double-handed it wouldn't be too much work applying it to the player!

yashfa Javed

You dont deserve her at all

Grace Leah

Where can you buy a polly??

Hi There

Here’s a thing about head crabs.

Prem 8bp

5:26 is he wearing anything or nude

Dave Brosius

Not even close. outback way better.


I would've liked to see them use the skill points...

Adam cole

The twitter easter egg are accounts the developers made


Two years ago I tried telling my parents. I told my mom and she was supportive at first, but then she told my dad and they both said that I was just a kid and can't have depression. The also said that I was lying and just looking for attention. Since then I haven't been able to say anything to them about it.

PuffyFries 1

Is it just me or does panda look skiny

alexandros tzimoulis

KOBE:I got 81 of em...You fucking savage!!!

Katelyn The Blue Wyvern

anonymous : hes cute tho


Who disliked this video what’s not to like about it come on man or girl PS I liked

Ethan Hair

Sweet song. The Rhett Walker Band is a great Christian band.

Revy Revolver

Swiss Army Man <3

AnKa Melshu

Swimming stereotype type


Take xanax watch this

Tran Ngan


Backyard Bros

Ty: "For all you trick users out there getting started"Me: I have a trick shot channel but it is hard to get started because dude perfects videos keep getting suggested!

Console Crashers Play

LOOK AT ALL THOSE CHICKENS! I heard it you sneaky bugger!

Adri Potato

Kay so i though she actually helped him cheat. Like she was like, “bro, you should cheat” Me:*dying*😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Pl4yer Fire

I in Brazil

Edible Sapphires

Wow I'm super impressed with this trailer!!! It didn't give anything away at all I'm so grateful 😭👏👏👏

Lidia Michalczyk

It hurts when you know what they're drawing and you know they messed up the colors. Link, Honey-Snpai and whole Kingdom Hearts universe are crying


That was not even intentional, they should have used eye protectors and probably cover the scene in case the diamond went flying away with the force.

Leah Aldana

I really thought the title meant something else and this was gonna be homophobic but im so proud of her

Sayali Gorale


Brandon M. Hernandez

next time use aluminum powder instead

Alicia peraki

I feel u..

Benito carpio

is this not the song in there first video ever

Gacha Maca

The idea of that plug safe is good but the actual plug safe that You got sucks.

galaxy sets

Panda is going to win

Malissa Weagle

I op you don't cry

B_ Shaw10


Shayna Bradford

Panda panda 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

Mandy Duong

I’ve never seen a Brian with a y 😂


It's awful for them to force you to involve your parents. Disrespectful.

o k

U know why u can't chase your dreams because those heels


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