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UNICEF USA: Help UNICEF Help Vulnerable Children with Disabilities

Somewhere, a child is being told that he cannot play because he cannot walk, or another that she cannot learn because she's blind or because she has a developmental disability.Children with disabilities are among the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in the world. They are far more likely to be victims of violence, have higher rates of malnutrition and more difficulty accessing safe drinking water.When given a chance to get an education, children with disabilities can overcome barriers, learn to be productive and reach for their dreams.With UNICEF's assistance, many of these dreams are coming true.The world benefits when every child can read, learn and contribute. Please help.Learn more at: Children do not accept unnecessary limits.Neither should we.

Anthony Lee

How come you guys get 24millon subscribers and u don't get 24 likes???

Is there something wrong with me?


My cabbages!!!

Caedan B

Gary burns my last name is burns

lex f

my dad tells me nothing in life is fair

Maya Santos

I love how jeffree hasn’t had one drop of alcohol but smokes weed everyday

Jeanette Biancamano

Garrett in baseball

Random Random

Cory and coby


The signal received from the radio on the first easter eggs (portal2) is an SSTV transmission that can be decoded to obtain an image. i didn't do it myself but one guy did it here: http://fr.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=j77mf4&s=6#.VceF2UYddBI




Guru, thank you. You've always impressed me with each video you've posted. I really appreciate how much time and effort it takes for you to make these videos. Cheers, Guru. Also, a nice suggestion for an Easter Egg video in my opinion is either Red Dead or the Zelda series.

Albert Lee

Whos here after duke lost again

Jonathan Thomas

Completely agree with No.1... Wow. Nice going. I didn't even know there was an Exorcist 3. That jumpscare was absolutely terrifying.

Emily Gibson

I have the same earrings from Torrid ... Twinsies!



Jonathan Chavarria

my middle is robert to

Anime World

Where's CODY?

Jack Hannah


chris kehrer

I fell bad for coby win a battle 😭😭😭

GagaTube- The pro


Olivia Battles

Can't wait, and it's great they didn't give much away this is what we needed not a trailer with the whole movie in it 😂 can't wait 😍

Khloe Sinclair

Who is in the Eagle costume ?


At the end she says that if you are like her you will always have loved ones... but what about us?

Максим Максимов

Бля я думал на 8 мой минуте гульман начался ))))

Electronic Shadow

I heard this story but just some little things changed, smh

Suczer 12

I only came for kobe

Parker Brandt

How many of you wanted to slide down the pyramid



Lo dice...

manual under Cast and Credits, David Hayter is credited as Sean Barker, which was the name of the character he played in Guyver: Dark Hero

Rowdy Artifact

The golf cart knife sticker didn’t have anything to do with crossbows

20 IQ plays

anyone watching this in 2017



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