Aha development

University for Development Studies Live Stream

sami lck

The funniest moment of this video is rage monster

Jay shanahan

Get paid get laid Gatorade

Little Misty-eyed

The scene in Jumanji where Alan digs up the chest in the construction site was relaxing to me. I often find myself watching it

Cool Story bro

“A boy and girl who we referred to as the twins, because they were”

samler pill

It’s honestly a kink. Some ppl are meant for open relationships. But I think it’s giving into a bad thing




Subscribe to plundgy please


These guys should study some physics😂

Gannon Rice

Anyone not at all surprised it was sponsored by State Farm 😂😂


Yes! I love Black Mirror!

Supriya Banik

Girl u r so selfish.




0:40 umm... i thought you said battlefield games

Ryan San Juan

nice one


whats The song name

Slippery Noodles


Savanah Burnett

This video is really immature.


how to make this split screen video?? :O

James Caruso

Signature dunk is fake

Heather Herring

Dude perfect I know that I'm never going to see you or talk to you so please make more awsome videos


This song is actually insane


Does Ariel know that one of her horses has escaped?

Suggestion: Video Game Stereotypes

Braylen Butner


Nessma Galal

Okay now i'm scared that life would change me. I walk 30 mins to school in a 30 c degree everyday so I wouldn't have to ask my parents for money. But idk by looking at scientific experiments done on people, we -humans - are pretty much the same. I don't want to change.

Tyson Goudie

I though that this can't get uploaded because the game hasn't been uploaded yet

Israel Jaimes

At this point Sean Evans is immune to the chicken wings spice

The girl: yes


Film usian bolt


whahaha i laughed SO hard. xDlove his affection to way too small trees. ;P0:25 to 0:35look at the panda. ^^

James Chung

Hey this is your first video music

i click

sasikanth varma


Origin Celt6ic

Is the black hands that appear sometimes is that the reaper


Rabbit Whisperer

Is it just me or would they make an adorable couple?!?!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Aaron Leal

Sometimes I like when ty loses because he always says something chill 😂

Juan Moreno


Divya Kisagothamee

Ohh.. this made me scared... Ohhhh... I love u mom.. I love u.. such a big pain... 😭😭😭

Chloe Lam (Grade 6)

I like this old guy

Dan1el z

There is a channel called "ReviewsdeGames" that uses your videos.

Patreece Pickett

He Didn’t Do Shit he’s Good But He’s not KD

IiMexicaNii Gut

10 mins ago yess so early for once

Haley Chaitoo

'' Whys grandma black?''

Maddie Elizabeth

this video made me cry 11 times dude. i love marbles so much

Used to hustle packs but now I'm richer than my old boss

K and N Productions


Netzking 7

Easter eggs from tv serie Scream :) idk if you can find some hehe

Cat Mara

Me: ;0; kill him :my friend:;0; good ideas 💡😂 no it is bad you call the police 👮‍♂️ 👮‍♀️

TTV 10inch

Did anyone else get a simpsons ad

Mr excuses


2018 anyone???

Cynthia Alexa olazaba Ortega haro

I'm so glad she is ok I almost cried

Afroz Hossain

I'm a bit worried after watching this.. I don't see things but I fantasize so so much that I end up convincing myself things far from ordinary are real and almost blurt it out before remembering it isn't real. I'm probably just being my paranoid self 😂😂😂

Crappy Films


David Espinoza

The tail is used to make me balanced while flying


Almost 2019...

Moritz Fink

What is number 4?

gays are rising

I like the way I look, but I don't like the way I'm doing in life, the accomplishments that I'm not even making. You are not like that


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