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Dr. Parr Rosson, department head of the department of Agricultural Economics, takes a moment to welcome website visitors and to introduce the department to viewers.

Brian Chevis

My highest is 61

The Buzz Shots

What song is this

Clear Vex

Trash can

Size 15

Do you think they really have size 15’s there? Every time I go there they never have 15’s 👀


there's also a reference to Doctor Who (somewhat) when Jessica tells Kilgrave (David Tennant) "well you aren't 10 anymore" David of course, playing the Tenth Doctor in Doctor Who. Not sure if coincidence or a reference on purpose

Ally Mills

2:52 “All of my darkest thoughts”


Ive been watching this everyday since it came out

Simone Harrison

The slingshot one was so epic

sportigo car and bike

film a panda special

Golden Risuto

I am not autistic, but I had a few teachers that were understading about my situation and made me feel like everything will be worthy in the end.

Nalin Bandara



who is panda, like so they see this

Armando Nogueira

is the jigsaw?!

Jerad Ridge

youshould do a vidio with eli manning

Arleigh Lua

Sending all my love 💕

señor reck

Bf zombies would be fucking lit

friendly doge

This game feels like the embodiment of 'Fuck yeah!'


I have severe social anxiety so I totally understand what it feels like to be overwhelmed in a situation like that, getting out of there is definitely the best thing to do in that situation. I hope things work out for you, try some different meds and see if you can find one that works for you and try to think of some coping methods to distract you when you have that urge. hope that helps.

Ella World

Wonderful,I love this guy's.

Blitz Virus

More of this PLZ

لؤي عرفي

Rank the rockets in terms of altitude : 1- The Aerodactyl (1813 feet)2- The Silver Bullet (865 feet)3- The Bumblebee (600 feet)4- The Traffic Cone (300 feet)5- The Bounty Hunter (89 feet)


lots of slowmo

Jaysniperxxx 12 12

I feel sorry for cory


The Montgomerys

The one play guy


4:19 why is that guy back there not even stopping the rage monster(I don’t know their names lol)

Sally K

She is fucken talk a lot

kohsuu javier

whats the song in this video

John Urdi

16 inches I'm actually serious mammoth lakes got 78

GamingwithColton 1



As a teenager that's my life..

Gavin Sword

and to make sure you know its a psychopath he has gray hair

durgherghurg im smart ughghgh

Kvass Man

1:52 He crookin’ He shootin’

xX R4Z3 Lopez Xx

bad quality but over all 👍👍👍



abdura aziz



this game keeps me up all night literally. I play it past midnight!!!!!!

Ethan: You are my superhero, I love you, you are supermom, literally the best most pure human being Edit: 100000 kicks and slaps and shots for the teacher


And what about porter could that b like porters x2 ray and wave guns????


i'm 90% sure all these stories are bullshit

Esther Liam

youare fanni

Cooper Hay

DON'T FEEL LIKE I'M HARD BUT IT IS NOT A BONER................................



Oo Go

My grandfather died a year ago I cried for 2 days I even cried when I went to sleep I stayed up for I day I eventually got over It I become sad when I think about it ( I cried a little when I was making this comment )

Alexus Shelton



nice :3

Blueish Sheep 123

How dare you mock Android

thomas a

This has to be one of the highest liked videos ever


What’s the last ones @?

To god we belong to him we return. To each their own belief. I respect that. But do not live as if its normal to live. Ponder about that.. im doing u a favor.

Tiger Stenson

Nice drive

Cam Westerman

At 2:48 did anyone else notice Ty's dad step on his foot

Oofy Blake

Bruh yoy are beatiful way you are

Bryan Carrera

The one in batman might mean in batman arkham origins you would play in arkham oringins


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