Aha development

What are Metroids?

Being the namesake of the series, the Metroids have always played a crucial plot in all of Samus' adventures by being one of the biggest threats that she can come across to. -Minor spoilers for Federation Force-Follow The Orpheon on Social Media!Twitter:

Spiral girl and Friends

Pushing a shop cart way more sick than a fucking

Noor نور

Did anyone notice lele in 5:00 ?❤🌚


Is ty the only one who can dunk like bruh they are ising a trampoline they all dunk at the end but ty did most

slice of Art

Wtf man 3 of the guys have almost the same names cory, cody, coby so sometimes i get confuse

Ari Houzoki

7:52 GuruKid lol

s2k Co 3964

13teen year girl playing with dolls ☺☺😶😶😑😑🤨🤨


Lieked teh veedio guru. good job

can this channel plz get 2000 subs with no videoss

I need clarity. Is this a real story or made up? It gets really confusing with this channel

Alex C

Straight up Aimbot...

Nguyen Allison

tylor pants was ripped


I used to work at Texas Roadhouse... It's okay. A very gimmicky place which I am not into at all.


But no limb cut offs...

Ashley Billie

Always be grateful for what you have..

Lilly crystal Sad crystal

How do we draw like this?

Kari McGlinn

i fell for you 😭😭😭😭

Ray Rez


My Name is Cole

Please restock the travel bags and mirrors pretty please

Sami Parsegov

Bullshit! Blocked in my country !!

Jassi gill

Com to my home

Sobble Wobble

GameFreak took full advantage of the SWITCH too far XD

Awsome Avez

Her:What you see is a normal shower but what I see is a time machine and I erased someone from life when I went threw it I also believed that my tattoo was a teleported and if I touched it it would make me just....disappear

sara rivard


Eric Cartman

#8 on trending street


Marcos Vinícius

Thank you Square Enix!

Mohamed Mohsen

fuckin sport

Kelli Barney

Love the music best music!!!!!!

Dane Sheckelton



So is that the end of the zombie storyline?


Wish i was at that beach

Jose _yt

I raven threw up


This is my third video in which I'm asking this lol

Tyler Needham

I knew they were gonna win!

Kasper Strange

what about in one of the older bioshock you can hear the songbird dying in the background???

Bartholomew B

What was the Easter egg at 1.?

Timothy Petriyenko

Garret be like stereotypes beach more like stereotypes bleach😂😂😡

Solar and Eclipse

My sister had hers for 3 months

Adele Solar

Just get surgery

Musa Wasim

I love rage monster

one day even thought I fell bad for myself I want him to be happy I love him but he don't like me after I say that she said "Macy am also jealous of you because your so poplar and every body knows you at this school like the first day of school every body was like hi Macy hi Macy and nobody knows me" that's when I realizedo we both were jealous of each other bit just never want to tell one other but we never become friends again and we rarely talk any more after that day on. Please put this in one of your video. 👍✌

Umar Khan

I still remember Ian teaching Anthony how to drive in his Subaru wow how this channel has come so far

(Anxiety Is Bad But When Ur With The People Who Loves U And Comfort U, You Will Feel Better. Ur Important❤️😃)

captain america

fake FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patricia Keyes

"Oh shit!" "Goddamn!!!" 🔥

The Banana Melon

I'm not a fan of anime, but dammit I'm a fan of your videos


Does anyone still watching this video in 2019?If you do, +1XD

Mystic Fawn

My bf's ex was schizophrenic.. She killed herself. I feel bad for him. He never talks about her.. He just says she was his best friend until she never came back.

Peter F

Idiots - no eyes protection

She is obviously a furry Slayer!!

Kristian Peyton

The cats are fake and Tyler looks way different I would say boooo but I can't because I'm in 2018 so I can't

Jeebus Gardiner

PANDA don't cry your not a baby



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