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What is Autism? Do you know the signs?

Autism is a spectrum disorder which includes a large range of symptoms and behaviors. This video is part for Behavior Frontiers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Training Program with an Autism Specialization. Available via web based training program or at seminars across the country.

Queen Bee

I'm so sorry for you Marry😭😭😭

JoweeMan_TIB (The TIB's Bro)

2:01 if you look a little to the right you see a trophy that says" 2012:world not ending".

Hui Pan

And that he didn't rage quit :)


you didn't call bank.

Veronica Zhao

This is honestly really fake


:D oh boy this has got to be the entrance! *FUCK YOU* :(

Also, a female named Ryan? :/ it means Young King...

Also..I love Russians! I am Norwegian and I have never met another norskie((that’s what I call them, sorry if you do get offended)) and I only know 1 Russian..

IamYourFather38 delta

yo, I saw one of your easter eggs that you put, pretty neat :D!!!


I already know what anxiety feels like I have anxiety


Wait what?! I didn't think the was J.K. Rowling! I love the harry potter series! Shout out to all the slytherins! 🐍

Krystal Lemons

team Coby all the way


In the beginning about what happened at the office, in the background there words showing what he had such as in one was manipulation lemme show ya 3:25 and charms, 2:45, great work on how you added that to the drawings!

Unpopular Lovely

I see Chloe, I click.

Poppin Off

“I’ll suck u dry”

Awesome Dude


VC Dailey

yes ty should have to

Colin Wrye

Ricardo was so fake

mlook -1190

ابوك ياالمكوه 80:0



cordell ovelton

I would like to come help

The OV Skywatcher

They are really good at breakingeggs from 5 feet away?!!? Haha they literally broke a few eggs from a few feet and blew some up and have millions of views???? This took ZERO skill

Diamond gamer savage

That trick shot was amazing


Wood 1

I’m just surprised none of those pit bikes got hydro locked when they rode off the bridge into the water. I had a small pit bike like those when I was 7 and I was always worried about hydro locking it and bending connecting rods. Pretty tough little bikes!

I has come for da booty


Sorry but I don’t believe this story because legally the old parents wouldn’t be allowed to just snatch her back? How did they get away with that? Why didn’t the foster parents call the police just wtf


Not even a NO fan but damn he's good...............I mean great.

smile a

“this scene will not be in the movie”


Editors = Crushed it!

Bryan Cunningham

Hard to do anything when getting triple teamed, but I gotta give Toronto credit as well, their Defensive scheme with Klay and Durant out was brilliant...ijs

All Around, Good Luck!

Rip Couch

Bethany Hunt

why am i excited????


# team coby all the way


I think this new series is a great idea


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