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Who Gets What: The New Economics of Matchmaking and Market Design

Stanford University Professor and 2012 Nobel Laureate Al Roth speaks on his prize-winning research and ground-breaking successes with exchange markets and his life-saving favorite, kidney exchanges.Dr. Roth was the keynote speaker for the GSB Spring Reunions on May 3, 2013. He was introduced by Dean Garth Saloner.Roth is the Craig and Susan McCaw Professor of Economics at Stanford University.Related LinksWorks from Dr. Roth

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SG Numi

Why do all these Billionaires have bad family backgrounds?

Adoption is an option.

SAR Reid

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Kamryn's Strange Land

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I seent this dude a lot throughout Nips Vids. U can tell he got a lot of pain after Nips passing. Sad. Didnt know he got his own channel. Ima be followin now. Love this song. Almost cried. R.I.P Nip

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