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Why are teens so predisposed to risk-taking behavior?

On Tuesday night, HLN’s Dr. Drew and his guests helped viewers understand why teens are prone to such risky behaviors.Dr. Gail Saltz, an associate professor of psychiatry at New York Presbyterian Hospital, explained that the frontal lobe of a teen’s brain is not fully developed until that individual is in their early to mid-20s.“The [frontal lobe] is the part of your brain that houses consequence and judgment,” she said. “So the idea, ‘If I do this today what will happen to me tomorrow,’ that's not fully there for a teenager.” For more informaton please visit

diana diaz

He was a Dios gracias por todo who was born on 2010inches day Walmart

Joshua Atherton

4:33 this is why he plays the rage monster, ladies and gentlemen.


I was expecting Chalie easter egg :O


Maximum editing🙄😌

Gael Paulino

Who came back after watching the DP rewind 2018


Hola alguien sabe si uno de ellos es chileno lo digo por un sillón que tenían que se parece a la bandera chilena??

Mario Aguilera

I love the portal easter egg.

abigail siewert

Girl : “The next story is so personal not even my mom knows....”

Isaias Melo

Tyler's you were singing I'm so fancy

Carlos Silva

What's the intro music ?

Osha Certified

Is there anyone else who thinks Tanner looks like Quail Man at 21:12


I think you made a mistake on the brave poster, if i remember the movie correctly then the bear in the background is the main characters mother (when she was turned as a bear).

Laith alkalani

Jeff bezzoz

Ariza Summer Reyes

This is what I always think, of

Barles Charkley Jr.

Yes, but also because Notch won a courthouse disagrement over name *Scrolls* with Bethesda.

Rina Alvarez

I have got stuck in a rat trap before

•hazel• •Paws•

I think I have depression but....I don't want help from anyone :'3

Guru finds Easter Eggs in movies

Yellow God



December 2018


well Ratchet & Clank is the 'breast' game ever


Yaaaaaaas!!! It's my birthday on June 20th and all I want is JS products!! Get in my kit NOW!!!! Love creating art with your products. They never disappoint in quality or color pay off!!! If ever you want to see my creations @vanitydollz is where I post the most!!! Thanks for creating great products!!!


I honestly prefer it when I meet someone and they say something awkward or dumb. I think it just makes them so much more real to me, and suddenly I can relate to them a lot more, and suddenly we're friends. The funny thing is, I'm actually reasonably good at NOT saying awkward or dumb things because I've had like a million social skills classes. But I am awkward, and it makes people a lot more relatable.

Black Thunder

Anxiety -> more stress -> higher risk of heart disease, cancer etc. -> more anxiety -> more stress -> higher risk of heart disease, cancer etc. -> more anxiety -> ....

Heat Headquarters


Hard Ice

So instead to talk with him and saying what you dislike about the relationship, is to brake up with him and make him do that shit to you because you hurt him, of course he is dumb but also you are as well

Gaming Neighbors!

Side hurts for one second been playin online for a while?


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