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Claire Elia

you should do giant football trick shots

Nathan Tan

Can u guys try flipping a wallet

Nathan Whittenburg

im the only suscriber to ur vlog thanku very much

nicole stoddard

1 like 100 kicks for the PE teacher

Raphael Luck Lucas

at that same wreck it ralph reference theres a photo of bolt


IHateUsername s

This seems so fake

Md Acecat

I know exactly how it feels I have Anxiety too. Death

Jake Inggs

if yore watching this in 2018 like and subscribe to team extreme to let me no

Can this channel can 10 subscribers Without a video

For every like this comment gets i will add a egg 🥚


2012 had 60FPS ???


What's the connection between metals and minerals? Isn't magnesium also a mineral?

sreeram murthy

Very nice

Mark Gabriel Gutierrez

and i'm pretty sure i can huh huh huh huuuuh huh huh huh

Lillee Lumsden I love this song

So bad I am sorry


Arman Sadyk

Legolas mode

Joe Mckechnie

l know who panda is 🐷🐧l put a fat pig and fat peugiwin


@iSyr0n pwning spelling..

John Tan

I prefer the results i get using the flipping regularly technique

Alice White

I feel for you i really do. I have endo as well and have been on the pill for over a year which ofc does nothing but like what else is there to do?

Haekal Osman

Did Kojima directed this trailer?


Garrett wins. I've spoiled it for you

Lyndsey Larson

yoy guys are so cool

Ida Adam

The most intense ASMR I found, before I even know what it was, was the movie Tootsie where Jessica Lange and Dustin Hoffman are laying in her childhood bed and she's talking about her wall paper. I would watch that scene over and over omggggg its so tingly.

Violet Grubb

Comment section logic:

Ivy Fortnite Clan

Oh lala

Mark Anduyan

God damn it!!####$$=/&;;!!;!!

Kaden Zarzan

That explosion was eggalishis


Someone just made an unoriginal comment


What a champ. i mis you dad :)

None ya Business

This is so true 💀💀😂

they’re thicc

Bennyboy 123

I’m definitely the pool guy

Roland Simon Gaming

Minute videos four minute video uuum ok

The rage monster(for missing the train)

Daddy Crusade

I just creamed my pants

Victor Dali

I said this before.

Jose Arturo

He looks fucking retarted but that look a little bit better

Nathan Proteau

2018 ??

The Furious Flow

He had a reason to go to winconsin because of wheel unfortunate


I was sooo excited to see this in my subscriptions category. Thanks for taking the time to make the vid :-P.


Good Thumbnail(≧∇≦)

Mary T.

Stupid entitled cunt. I hate girls like this. 😡🙄


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