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Why We Won't See a Ghostbusters 3 | Development Hell

With the popularity and financial success of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2, you would think that a third movie would be a no-brainer. However, Ghostbusters 3 fell victim to one of the most infamous Hollywood development hells -- a 25-year-saga as epic as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. MASHABLE ON YOUTUBE Subscribe to Mashable: of playlist: ACROSS THE WEB Mashable.com: Facebook: is a leading global media company that informs, inspires and entertains the digital generation.Video Produced and Narrated by Armand Valdes


wats with ur endless dildo thrashings?

Ulises Lopez

Monster inc does have A113 its in one of the cards mike picks out


Lol. the kid at the end keeps yelling "Finally! Finally!"

Isaac Newman

you should come to New Zealand Auckland Greenbay theres a cool as park there with turf, basketball tennis and soccer feilds its called crum park you should do some mean as trick shots there.please like so dp can see your the best Dude Perfect

Luis Martinez

1:33 We need Pegasus

Nevin Rain

Do it with Lionel Messi


Yes....and yes

Pandia bee

The end 😭

Dude perfect: yeet and throw ball

sweet lullaby

Bein an introvert is not because I don't want to talk to people but I find it very hard to talk to them. I feel very shy and lonely with other people around me. I try to be funny but people don't get my humor so I stopped at making weird jokes.

LightningSlash 5

3:18Pray for GrandmaNOT MY GRANDMA TY!!!!!!!Ty:Smashes

GeeLKriks studio - Dutyfruit

AIMBOT spotted !!

I want to just lay on a bed

asteroid 999183 [gd]

It's Mario theme song

Luis d

Your videos are in Nickelodeon and worse over time


this mf chief really just chillin out in space

Gacha Dorks


Olivia Berry

19:56 “Why can I fall asleep so good today?”😂😂


This was my first video I saw by Dude Perfect!

Nicho Wins

The bear is adorable...

Jessa Sanford

I'm Canadian!!:(


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