Aha development

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

A New York advertising executive is in danger of losing a major client who is a lipstick manufacturer.He saves the account by enticing a voluptuous movie queen to endorse the product and they begin an affair.The man becomes dismayed at the wild attention of the fans and retires to a quiet life as a chicken farmer.


Tip of the Day:

Jaxk Frost

I was

GMD Corrosive

Guru in my country means teacher :')

jodie xxx

Anne is anxiety

Flight A7

NIP 4L NIGA. 💙💙🏁🏁

Jared Humphreys

Haha nice video length, Guru. 0:69 classic. Great video too



Half-life fan 39

It's uvula u prvrt


the white house

Slenderguy 344

I really don’t understand why a sequel is necessary for Frozen. I guess money really does talk

Jameez L

Is no one gonna say anything about the intro 😂I’ve been laughing for 5 minutes straight now 😂


Wish you'd focus on the real threat to your future: the climate crisis. We're in the final hours left to act. You have influence at an important time in history. Please use it wisely.

Dick Smith


12 videos l8r

Iskandar Giusti

Dude perfects tricks shot are better than my trickME: I can only these trick shots:cap flip,double cap flip,rail flip and lower floor flip

max kunzek

My dad is polish

I luv albertsstuff a lout

I wanna see bill gates

Cocktavian McBlockerson

Anyone else halfway through the video thought: Just give us another Assassin's Creed game? :))


Robert Kelly

Looks boring and cartoonish. Plus the gameplay just looks like a Prince of Persia clone

Ravindra Chavan


•* Kaileigh *•

8:05 ……

You got it, girl, you got it There are even the tiniest incidents that make alex make a fit . When Alex couldnt clean the board or even a past project 2 days ago when they just had to walk a few kilometers. Wasn't even that far. If you think alex has low stamina, that's not the thing. When you see Alex dance. It's like he's giving it all.

Jumaju :v

Pero que chingados esto era un programa de tv que veía a los 7 años

John a

Everyone, #BoycottActivision until they start listening to their fans!


2018 🚮


the moon trick also works in san andreas

Plush Gang

chili's is better

Gacha Kitten



Its football

kidnamed jess

You always pop out amazing videos and content thanks dude :]

Stiifl .9

Best video ever Ps I watched this in 2019

Like so they make this true

dumb stuff with friends


Austin Howard

I think its smoke and mirrors he aint playing

Mutasim Eltahir

Haha haha your grandpa died u dog

Eloise Tucker

Love this channel!❤️


Why do pedos become PE teachers well it’s because it’s easier for them to touch I guess and more sexy honestly there everywhere in my country -.-

Shoot YB

Cory or coby which ever one didn’t catch it


Ha first


Witnesses: “Ah shit, here we go again.”



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