Aha development

Your Baby's Beautiful Brain - Introduction to Brain Development - Part 1: Micro Level

Samuel Anneken

I don't like the faces they're really weird

Angela Sewell


Dutch Style Mapping

This made me cry😔😭

ben welch

I want to destroy earth

Ghoul 17

Wasnt there a decoy thats the same as that ghost women from PT ???


why do all futuristic videos have see through class phones? Thats a terrible idea, who would want that? Give me a high def color accurate OLED any day over a monocolor window.

Allen Scottie Jr

I saw your channel on sling just right now


why tf can no one speak clear english

Botan shafiq

wow wow wow wow

Brett N

ok now you are teasing me. Would have loved to see your twist on a Steak au Poivre version of this

shawn soriano

bow to light

Kyur3m Plays

Why are asking those questions they say it differently

Sneaker TV


Cesar Gallegos

Every YouTube Comment Ever.

Kacper Andruszkiewicz

Team ty


I laught at the last :')


I heard that you shouldn't land in water and that you need to try to slow your decent


mı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ade you wipe your screen.


goosebumps come omg I can't hold it

Pro Ninja


The Platinum Knight

6:00 That was nice of Gearbox. :)


Oh gosh

Judy Crump

war eagle

Bryan Salinas-Morales

I feel like panda might be Tyler’s secret brother

Crazy Cupcake

Do 20 fun summer activities from 5 min hacks

pandack 173

Jaiden, I like your videos

Horatio Johnson

ha gaaay!

3 days ago

Team Pineapple

Do you think the rage monster needs therapy

puppygaming 791

When i heard i mean i could fish with a clown costume i lauged so loud i got busted for having my phone out late at night

Bryce Freedman

I want to play football at the ranch

Wildfire Boii


Crowned Pug


Joshua Bernavage

This should have a disclaimer to not try this at home

Shahmeer Dp's biggest fan

Cody's haircut is better

Sasuke the one we like

I find the girl’s voice kinda annoying:/


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